At the Kenny Law Firm, we are proud of our commitment to personalized service.  Located in the heart of Chicago’s downtown business district, we pledge to you that once retained we will strive to determine your objectives and then, working with you, marshal the facts and the law to achieve those objectives.  We will ensure that you are aware of options when making decisions through timely reporting of relevant facts and law impacting your case. Our firm concentrates in civil litigation for individuals and businesses, with a focus on personal injury, automobile accidents, insurance recovery, nursing home liability, premises liability, wrongful death, work related injuries, and contracts..

If your objectives can be achieved through settlement, then we will seek such a resolution as early as possible.  If a matter can be resolved quickly by summary disposition, we will target our research and discovery efforts to that end.  But not all cases settle, and not all cases are resolved quickly.  In those situations where matters must be tried, we will aggressively pursue your case to achieve your objectives.

In order to make legal costs more affordable, the Kenny Law Firm constantly updates technological infrastructure.  We implement the latest in case and client management software.  Through the use of this technology, we provide service more efficiently.  These advancements not only assist us in protecting client confidentiality and communication, but also drive down client cost by increasing firm productivity.

The Kenny Law Firm stresses flexibility to meet the needs and demands of our clients.  The size of our firm facilitates easy adaptation to those needs and demands.  As a result, your requests can be dealt with immediately.  Our energies will expended in complying with your requests, not in meetings discussing those requests.  The Kenny Law Firm features contigent fees, attractive hourly rates, efficient practices and flexible fee arrangements. Please contact us for a free initial consultation now by either calling our office or submitting your request electronically through this website.

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